Rivers and Waterways

Rivers And Waterways

Urhobo territory is home to rivers and streams which have endured from primeval times.  

The rivers are;

      • Ethiope River,
      • Jamieson River,
      • Ologbo/OsiomoRiver,
      • Warri River,
      • Forcados River,
      • Okpare Creek,
      • Edor/Obanegbe Creek,
      • Esaba Creek,
      • Oleri Creek,
      • Eghwu/Oguname Creek,
      • Olota Creek,
      • Arhavwarien Creek,
      • Okumesi Creek,
      • Ogunu-Ekpan Creek,
      • Elume Creek,
      • Hole in the Wall Creek.

The rivers are a treasure-trove of fishes, shrimps, prawns, periwinkles etc, which can sustain a booming fish industry.  Apart from being a means of transportation, the rivers and waterways are also a source of water supply. Their aquatic splendour constitutes potential landmarks for tourism.