Urhobo Economic & Investment Summit

Economic & Investment Summit

The Urhobo Economic and Investment Summit is an annual event that is organized by the group in collaboration with all stakeholders, like minds, and leaders of thought.

The objective of the summit is to come together and address core issues as it relates to the challenges affecting the growth and development of Urhobo Nation.

The summit is usually organized towards the end of every year.

Participants cut across all stakeholders that are related to the development of Urhoboland.

Among these are;

    • Key policy makers
    • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
    • Multinational Corporations investing and operating in the district
    • Investment Promotion Agencies
    • Equity firms and banking institutions
    • Representatives of Urhobo cultural associations
    • Media
    • Tourism Board
    • Town Unions
    • CEO’s and Directors of major organization in Delta State
    • Market Associations’
    • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)
    • Agro Chemical Companies (fertilizers, Insecticides and Pesticides)
    • Farmers and Farmers’ Cooperatives
    • Transport and Logistics Companies
    • Agricultural Research and Development Institutions
    • Youth bodies
    • Students Association
    • Other local and International Institutions